A bridge between generations, a beloved land cultivated in innovative ways, a project open to new challenges.

Il biologico

Organic Products

Safeguarding the earth means having the courage to hand it down to future generations in the same or in better conditions than it is today. With this important concept in mind, our goal has always been to acquire organic certification for all of our products.

We have begun transitioning the Azienda Agricola Altalanga into one of the major organic productions of the zone, one of the few for IGP Piedmontese Hazelnuts in particular.


At the Azienda Agricola Altalanga, we have a dream to create value in the things whose value had been lost. Over the years, we sifted through the territory of the Langhe in search of plots of land that, whether for historical or economical reasons, were left abandoned.

We claimed these lands in order to improve their soil structure and recreate their ideal compositions, ultimately returning the land to a new life that expresses the territory?s natural terrain. We do not simply return them to their ancient production of hazelnuts, truffles, and other products. We actively manage the land and its well-being because, one day, these places may be turned into centers for sustainable tourism, educational farms, workshops for children and schools, and work opportunities for young minds and able hands.

Why do we do this work? We do it because we believe that the Alta Langa is a unique and extraordinary territory that should be returned to life and enjoyed.



Now that the Alta Langa is coming alive, we?ve brought all our passion to the front. What?s more, we?ve paired this project with another highly innovative initiative with two objectives.

On one part, we have begun the recovery of agricultural productivity by using: physico-chemical soil analysis, assistance from agronomists specialized in uncultivated land recovery, and crop rotation with legumes for the nitrogenization of the earth; and by valuing ancient, natural springs, cleaning up infested plants, and mycorrhization of truffle beds for reforestation and the cultivation of truffles.

The second objective is the use of technology in land protection by valuing all stages of the production cycle. For example, the material from agricultural refuse like hazelnut chips and shells are reused; or, we undergo architectural rescue and restoration of ancient farms so as to avoid further land use.